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1998; Each track begins with the original 1920's or 30's 78 rpm recording, then the CRHSO (playing a transcription of the same recording) fades in (or cross-fades over) the original recording.  Vocals, Miss Kelley Foster and Cheryl Chase.


1. Everybody Stomp!

2. The Man From Harlem

3. Shanghai Shuffle

4. Vine St. Drag

5. They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk

6. Goin’ Nuts

7. Honolulu Baby

8. I’m Getting Myself Ready For You

9. That’s My Weakness Now

10. Nighthawk Blues

11. Wow Wow Blues

12. Me Minus You

13. I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now

14. Midnight With The Stars and You

15. Changes

16. Yiddisha Charleston

17. Let’s Misbehave

18. Don’t Be Like That

19. Wabash Blues

20. Variety Stomp

21. Sugar Blues

22. Rent Party Blues